kidsViewOT is here to make caregivers’ lives easier by fostering a rewarding relationship between a child and their loved ones. The goal is to help children live a more connected life, socially, physically, and emotionally. Whether a child has a diagnosis or not, there may be struggles in the home, in school, and/or with social interactions that kidsView can help with. Problem-solving the reason for the struggle and all possible solutions, in correlation with the child and caregivers, is the approach kidsView can be expected to take.

The clinical setting here does looks a lot different than the typical occupational therapy setting though. Because of the benefits of being in the outdoors, most of our sessions occur outside. In the summer, we move our sessions into the lake on our private beach to swim, kayak, paddleboard, and play with friends. In the winter, we can be found building a bonfire, whittling with knives, and cooking up a warm meal. While surrounded by chickens, goats, and climbing structures, children are challenged while distracted by the fun.

Kids not only thrive when outdoors, but the experience is magnified when animals are included. Animals are easier to relate to, make minimal demands, use body language instead of words to communicate, and are completely nonjudgmental. The chickens, here at kidsView are interested in food, not what someone is wearing. The goats just want attention, whatever the color of your skin. The rabbits want to be cuddled, regardless of your diagnosis.

Every child that steps onto kidsView property will feel respected, heard, nurtured, safe, and especially, free to be 100% themselves. We are all different and that keeps the world interesting because how boring the world would be if we were all the same!

kidsView is here to help kids embrace their childhood, learn new skills, and thrive.

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